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Can Black Kids Get Lice?

My son came home with a notice: “Your child may have been exposed to this communicable disease.” And “head lice” was the circled infection. I hadn’t even thought about head lice, especially with Ebola...

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Funny Thanksgiving Memes

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we must take time to laugh! As with Christmas, Thanksgiving is becoming increasingly commercial with all of the major department stores now open before dinner even starts on this...

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Black Friday Store Hours

Black Friday starts earlier and earlier on Thursday every year. Here are the current Black Friday store and sale hours for the major retailers. Walmart Black Friday 2014 Store Sales Hours – Open 24 Hours....

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Okay, I Admit It…My Son Acts Up in School!

I think my son is extremely well-behaved. Well, at least he is around me. But to my surprise, he can be a bit naughty in class. Not purposely so. There are just certain things...


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