empty nest syndrome

Dealing With an Empty Nest

It was an unexpected position to be in. Suddenly, I turned around and my preschooler had left me for several weeks. Before his absence, I couldn’t imagine being away from him. The daily 8-hour separation that takes place while I’m at work is already too much for me to handle….


Moby Dick Made Me Sick (On My Birthday): Whale Watching in Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay

I have this adventurous spirit that is never far from this surface. It’s not something I tap into often, my day-to-day life is pretty hum-drum, but special occasions and vacations are always an excuse for me to try something new. I decided to go whale watching in Monterey Bay on…

upcycled garden chair

Refurbished Hippie Furniture Straight From Santa Cruz

I usually head straight to Berkeley when I’m looking for funky, upcycled furniture pieces to add to my home. Berkeley, and sometimes Frisco, is usually the best place for eccentric, hippie-chic pieces. But I recently came across a designer in Santa Cruz who tickles my design tastes. Pieces For the…

happy friday

Friday Night Activities With Kids

Remember Friday nights? Those used to be the days when you went to the club and met cute guys, met-up with friends at the bar, grabbed a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant, or took in a flick with your mate. I remember those nights fondly, but since becoming…

camping with kids

Going Wild: Black Families Camp Too!

Our guest mommy Kim, a blogger in her own right, spoke with us about one of her favorites past-times- camping.  Camping is an activity that far too many Black children miss out on. For whatever reason, Blacks are less likely too camp and encourage their children to explore the outdoors. …

fourth of july celebration

After the Fourth Has Gone: Recollections & Firework Safety

The Fourth of July is especially exciting. Lots of fireworks and barbecue to be seen and had. But it is also a day of extreme danger. There were three major fires in the Sacramento area this year related to “legal fireworks,” and a neighborhood child came up missing. Luckily no…

finding time for self

Finding Time for Self: How Busy Moms Can Find Time for Self-Indulgence

The ‘working mom’ has many challenges. The first is to balance family with finance. The two ends don’t always meet, as one is often sacrificed for the other. To add gas to fire, working mom’s often have an additional role to fill, and that’s wife. Our Guest Mother Sunjia juggles…

pride month coming out on facebook

Coming Out on Facebook

Last year, I participated in Pride Month, well semi-participated. I didn’t actually join my co-workers in our Pride float, but I attended the famous Pride March in San Francisco with my 3-year-old in tow. I loved showing support for the LGBT community, and wanted to pass down this liberal attitude…


Pregnant While Running

When I was pregnant, I could barely get up unassisted and walk. But this woman really puts me to shame. Not only is she walking, but she is running. Former Cal track star Alysia Montano earned a standing ovation from an excited crowd when she completed 800 meters in the…

getting kids to take a bath

Getting My Son to Take a Bath: How to Bath Willful Children

My son didn’t always hate bathing. Bath time used to be our favorite time together. He seemed to enjoy the warm water when he was first born. Once he was able to sit up in the tub alone, he loved getting in to play with his toys. But in the…


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