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Prince singer dead

53 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince

Embed from Getty Images I’m a huge Prince fan, and am devastated by today’s news of his passing. I wanted to write something poetic, meaningful that would give balance to such a heavy artist,...

Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders

When Hillary Clinton first announced her bid for President, I was elated. In fact, I immediately ordered a Hillary-esque domain name in hopes of building a community of supporters. But something strange happened, I...

cooked zucchini pizza no carbs

Delicious Zucchini Pizza

Love pizza, but don’t love sugar and carbs? Here is a healthier way to make your favorite edible sin! Zucchini pizza is fast and easy, and most importantly, Low Card and Gluten Free. Ingredients ...

how moms can relax

‘Tis the Season for…Happy!

Before the last Halloween pumpkin spoiled, the retail world was abuzz with Christmas. I’ve already combed through several “supposed” leaked Black Friday ads from major retailers. Looking through those ads, and circling my wants,...


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