10 Mom-Approved Mother’s Day Gifts

Scenario: Mother’s Day. A day of celebration for the most special woman in your life. Reality. Mother’s Day is a day to receive mediocre gifts that you must pretend to like. It’s a lot like Christmas actually. Sweet-smelling lotions and body scrub is always wonderful, but I still have lots left-over from last year. I don’t need a new robe or pair of slippers. I can’t fit any new kitchen appliances in the cabinets. Yes, the vacuum doesn’t pick up anymore and a new one would be nice, but is that all I’m good for – vacuuming up your mess.  

For those that need a little help this Mother’s Day, here are 10 pre-approved Mother’s Day gifts to reduce the guesswork. 

Gift Certificate to the Spa

A gift that requires me to go and relax somewhere, uninterrupted, is not only attractive but it’s thoughtful. You are acknowledging that I need some “me-time,” and special attention to help remove de-stress. Groupon and similar sites offer discounted massage gift certificates quite often. Buy a certificate from one of these sites to save money, but make sure the certificate still offers her a quality experience. 

Maid for a Day

If you’re low on funds, how about something that only requires your time. Mother’s always serve others – cook, clean, wipe butts, brush teeth, etc. How about you take on all of the responsibilities for one day.

Outdoor Adventure

This is for the mom that needs a thrill; one day to shirk the conservatism and truly let her hair down. Indoor skydiving, para-sailing, oorbing; or something more tame like whale-watching, a boat trip, or bike ride. Just be sure to pick an experience that is attractive to her, not just you. For example, I have no desire to go camping and have said it a million times. An experience that the entire family can enjoy together can build fun and memories. 

Shopping Spree

We know you are not good at picking out her clothes. So after the Mother’s Day brunch, head to her favorite stores and let her buy some new threads. It will also gives you a chance to help her pick some things that you would like to see her in. My husband hates my shoes and consistently says that ‘I have the worst taste in shoes on Earth.’ We’ll if he paid for him, I would value his input more. 

Finally Fix or Remodel That One Thing

There is something on the Honey-Do list that you have been avoiding for years. Why don’t you finally fix or remodel it for her? I would love to have the caulk around the tub redone, the front doorjamb fixed, the forgotten spot on the wall actually painted to match the rest of it, my front yard made over, or a new bedroom added onto our home. This shows that you care, and most importantly, that you are listening.


Moms love to stay connected too. Get an electronic device that she actually been wants or has use for. I don’t need a bigger TV, so don’t even think about it. I do need a new phone and laptop. The FitBit or Jawbone activity trackers, smartphone photo printers, or aromatherapy diffusers are currently in vogue. 


I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t want a new piece of furniture somewhere in her house. I would love a new headboard. Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock are great sites to find furnishings at the best prices. 

Family Pictures

Moms love pictures. But we hate having to always organize the photo op. Get the family together and take a professional photo, frame it, and present it to her. You could also take all of those great photos she’s been collecting on her microSD cards or smartphone, print out the best and put them in an album for her. One thing I love about technology is the ease in capturing moments with my phone. Two things I hate is having to organize these images, and print them. 

Put on a Show

It’s not necessary to spend money to please us. Mother’s Day is about showing your mother how much you think of her. I would love for my family to put on a show for me. Sing some songs, put on a play, read poetry — it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that you took the time to do it!

Say, “I Love You!”

I’m fortunate enough to hear this from my family everyday, but not all moms are. If you haven’t said those words recently, take time to say them, write them, draw them, sing them, whatever is most comfortable and compelling. 



Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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