10 New, And Unusual, Ways to Make Money Around the House

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If you’re like me, you are always looking for a way to make some extra money. But you’re busy with work and family, and have very little time to dedicate to extra pursuits. There are some quick and easy ways to make money around the house. Nothing is without effort, but these ideas can work around your ‘9 to 5 work’ and family time.


Rent Out Your Drive-way

Do you live near a popular attraction like a beach, coliseum, or convention center? Rent out your driveway to customers the night of the big game. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money from home. I’ve seen homeowners crowd 5 or 6 cars onto their front yard to accommodate customers attending a nearby concert. To make your drive-way attractive, you need to offer a lower price than the traditional parking lots; just a few bucks off is typically enough to entice some customers. All you need to do is make a sign, and place it in your yard.

Just make sure to have enough cash to make change with. You can also order a free Paypal dongle that hooks up to your phone or tablet to accept debit and credit cards.


Start a Pet Daycare

You hear about pet-walking services all the time, but people need their pets watched overnight as well. If you’ve got an enclosed yard, advertise a pet daycare. Invest in some fencing and build a kennel or two to really make your business legit. Just make sure all animals you sit are current on their shots. Animal sitting is not only easy, but a fun home-based business.


Become a Night-Time Sitter

In addition to animals, kids also need care at night when their parents work the night-shift. The great thing about night-time care, is the kids will be asleep by 9 pm, so you may only need to really watch them for a couple hours after their parent drops them off at your home. Not to say that this business requires no effort, babysitting is serious business and should be taken seriously. But with the kids asleep most of the time, it is the most relaxing form of childcare out there.

Night-time sitters are usually expected to offer dinner. So make sure you are prepared to make your charges a nutritious meal. Also be cognizant of parental structure and rules. What time do their parent’s want them to be in bed? What kind of TV shows are appropriate? How much TV are they allowed to watch? Are they expected to do homework at your house?


Become a Sick Child Sitter

Sick children can neither go to school or daycare, but sometimes parents still have to go to work. Creating a daycare for sick children will help fill a void in the market. Kids are usually only sick for a couple days, so your clients will constantly change. You also need to protect yourself and the kids from each other. Constantly make the kids wash their hands, even wear surgical masks (if you have multiple children) to keep germs at bay. Spray down the home, especially common areas, with disinfectant. And be prepared to employ some nursing skills- temperatures need to be taken regularly to make sure they are not getting worse.


Become a Herb Container Gardener

Love gardening, but don’t have much space? Start a container garden, and focus on easy to grow products that you can resell. Most herbs, lettuce varieties, and succulents don’t require much depth or width to thrive. And they do very well in a container environment. Maximize your product potential by setting up vertical container gardens like the one pictured, and sell your herbs (or other product) at the local Farmer’s Market, Flea Market, or online. All you need is water and a bit of sunshine!


Upcycle Furniture

Got a creative itch and some knowledge about basic woodworking tools? Then this may be a great side business for you. You can find old furniture cheap and for free. Then just rehab it and you’ve got a vintage piece that you can sell for a nice sum. Upcyclists often sell their items online or at flea markets, but you can also sell your items via consignment shops or unload them at furniture boutiques.


Online Lecturer

Have a special skill or knowledge base? Create online lectures to teach others, then sell access to those lectures online. The great thing about this business is you can do a lot of the work upfront. Create the courses, film yourself teaching each section, and then put it up online. Lecturers can bring in anything from $60 to thousands of dollars per month. Success largely depends upon the popularity of the topic, and how successful you are at promoting your courses. You can even offer support to your students to answer any questions (and upsell them on additional services). Websites like Udemy.com have millions of students waiting to learn from people like you.


Kid’s Hairstylist

Kid’s require patience, and a lot of barbers and stylists just don’t have it. If you love kids and have a talent for hairstyling, open up your own shop in your home. Your first clients will be people you know, but word will spread. Just make sure you adhere to all cleanliness guidelines, you don’t want parents to claim their kid caught lice or ringworm from your shop.


Rent a Room

Sites like AirBnB allow you to make money from your spare space. If you’ve got an extra bedroom in a hot location, rent it out on AirBnB. The advantage of actually residing in your space while paying visitors are there is you can really give them an experience. Make breakfast, make good company– you can become your own bed and breakfast.


Picture Organizer & Editor

The great thing about digital cameras, is it is easy to take lots and lots of photos. The drawback with digital cameras is we take lots and lots of photos. More photos than we know what to do with. And since we don’t print 99% of them, we often forget that they’re there. Offer to organize each client’s monthly photos, then edit and print the very best on an ongoing basis.








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