10 Quick Tips For Starting a Mommy Blog

how to create a mommy blog

I advise every mother who has an interest in writing or blogging to start a mommy blog. The biggest reason is because you live it, so why not write about it. Over the past decade, I’ve started nearly a dozen websites. Never made so much as a red cent on any of them, and within a month of launch lost interest in all except this one. Why? The rest were broad ideas and concepts that I neither had an interest in or the technical ability to complete. The best piece of advice I can give any would-be blogger is to write about what you know. If you stick to what’s familiar, content will become abundant, easier to write, and less arduous.

There are 3 good reasons to start a Mommy Blog:

1) The content is all around you.

2) It can be an extra source of income, and something you can even pass down to your children.

3) Blogs are like the new “photo album.” It’s a way to document your life with your child. Generations later, this document could still be online!

If any of those reasons sit well with you, here are my 10 Quick Tips for Starting a Mommy Blog:

1) Decide on your story. Take the time to figure out what you want to write about. Do you want to write about being a single mother? Raising all boys? Kiddie arts and crafts? Kid-friendly recipes? Decide on an overall theme and tone-of-voice for your blog.

This doesn’t mean you can’t write about other things. When I first started this blog, I set out to document the activities between my son and I. And that is still a big part of my content, but I’ve also incorporated all sorts of topics related to parenting in my blog.

2) Write at least 2-3 blog posts a week. It is important that your blog is updated often. Google likes that! It will also tell visitors that you are an active blogger and they should come back for more. You don’t have to write 1000-word articles with citations every time. Some posts can be simple, maybe just 200 words, others might be a bit more meaty. Do what you will! It’s your blog, we just read it.

3) Pick your platform. I prefer WordPress because of it’s flexibility, but Blogger is a Google product and well-integrated with products like Google AdSense (which will probably be one of your biggest revenue streams). Also WordPress blogs that are hosted through WordPress can’t integrate Google AdSense into their site without approval, and you must be a highly trafficked blog to get approval. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have WordPress, this blog is WordPress, but you should be prepared to get around their restrictions. There are also other blogging platforms like Tumblr. This Onblast Website guide gives a great breakdown of all the platforms for you to choose your ideal one. Feel free to start a test blog using each platform until you find the one you’re comfortable with.

4) Pick a theme. I would start with a free theme rather than paying for one. You will probably change your theme several times in the beginning until you’ve worked out all the kinks in your blog and settled on a design you like.

5) Insert your revenue streams. The most popular revenue source for bloggers is Google AdSense. However, it requires an application process. You will need to actually have some content on your blog before Google will approve you, so get your blog going and saturate it with about 30 pieces of good, quality content before applying. (See Note about WordPress and Revenue below.)

6) Work on your social media presence. This was actually the most difficult part for me. I’m not big on social media because I don’t have time, but it is very important. If possible, re-brand your personal social accounts for your blog, that way you won’t have to get new followers. And make sure to post about your blog so people will know you’re there.

7) Find other mommy bloggers. You found one! Now go out and find more. Start reading and commenting on other mommy blogs, follow them on Twitter, etc. You will need alliances, and backlinks. This will help to build authority which can influence your Google search rankings. It will also give you inspiration, you get to see what other moms are talking about.

8) Give other bloggers some love. This is a way of connecting, building relationships, and giving some link love to a community that you want to be part of. Some bloggers do a Friday Link Love, where they create a blog post about some of their favorite bloggers each week. Some may mention a blog or blog post within an article. This will often result in reciprocation of some form.

9) Keep your camera ready. You will need lots of images for your blog, and your child(ren) will be your best subjects. Everything from the mundane – taking a nap or brushing her teeth – to the exciting will be great and free content for you.

To protect your privacy, remove the GPS settings from your phone or camera. Crazy people can pull GPS coordinates off a digital photo, so it is important to remove that information before you publish pictures.

I don’t make a living off this blog, but I have started to make some money and my blog is fairly young. I predict that if I poured 40-60 hours per week into this blog, I could make a decent living off of this blog within a year.


WordPress makes it very difficult to incorporate revenue unto your blog, but they have a very good platform. My recommendation is that you purchase your Domain Name and Hosting through GoDaddy.com. Then use GoDaddy’s tools to create a WordPress blog hosted on the GoDaddy servers. Once created, turn on the “JetPack” plugin which will connect your GoDaddy hosted blog to the WordPress platform. This will allow you to utilize many of WordPress’ features without being inhibited by their terms. If I’m speaking French to you here, GoDaddy has a very good customer service team that will help you set all of this up over the phone for free. Just give them a call.

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Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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