10 Tips For Your Visit to Universal Studios Hollywood

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Universal Studios Hollywood is popular attraction in Universal City, near Hollywood. Although Universal Studios offers rides, the theme of the park is about the magic that is film and television. So every ride is built around a popular film produced by the studio such as The Simpsons and Transformers.

The park only offers about 5 or 6 rides. And they are not traditional amusement park rides, but instead, 3D immersive experiences. Regardless of their lack of real rides, Universal Studios charges as though they actually have a coaster in the park. So if you are planning on a trip to Universal Studios, here are some tips to make the most of your experience.

1) Arrive Early & During the Week

When the park first opens, ride lines can be as short as 5 minutes. If you arrive early, you can really have a lot of fun without the long lines.

2) Avoid the Front-Of-Line Pass

universal studios front of line pass

Speaking of long lines, none are long enough to justify splurging on the front of line passes, especially if you get there early and go during the week. During our visit, lines were about 20-25 minutes long.

3) Stay in the Hilton Universal Across the Street

There is a Hilton located just a few feet away from the front gate. Staying here will make a visit to the park so convenient. I stayed at a hotel 17 miles away, but in LA traffic it took me an hour to get to it. For other nearby hotels, click here.

4) Avoid Eating in the Park

universal studios food

None of their food is very good. We ate at Cletus’ Chicken Shack, and it was the driest chicken ever. In addition, to the absolutely disorganized lines that you had to endure before getting your food, it was one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten at. Right outside of Universal Studios is Universal CityWalk which is littered with restaurants. Save your appetite for a real meal.

5) Enjoy the “Transformers” and “Simpsons” Attractions First

These two rides are the most popular. Needless to say, lines for these two can get pretty long, so get them out of the way first.

6) Don’t visit Unless Your Child is at Least 40 Inches

There is really not much for you to do outside of the shows and studio tour if you are under that height.

7) Take Advantage of Child Switch

If you do bring a child not tall enough to enjoy the ride, one adult can wait with the child in the Child Switch room while the other rides. I don’t know of any other parks that offer this neat feature.

8) Buy Online

Take advantage of any company discounts or other sales on tickets.

9) Avoid the Gift Shops

I gave in and bought my son a transformer from the gift shop, but I could’ve purchased that same one for about half the price elsewhere. The thing about Universal Studios is that most of their trinkets are based off of popular movies like The Transformers, so you can find all of these things at Walmart or online for cheaper.

10) Don’t Buy Multiple Day or Season Passes

As stated previously, Universal Studios doesn’t have an abundance of attractions so there is no need to come back for more. One day is more than enough time to experience the whole park. And most of us will not feel the need to return. If you change your mind, you can always upgrade to a season pass inside the park.

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