11 Gift Ideas for Grandparents

gift ideas for grandparents

Most of us struggle when it comes to finding the perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa. They usually don’t want or need for much. And what they do desire, they probably already have. My grandfather is a huge Oakland Raiders fan, and between all of his children, grand and great grand children, we’ve outfitted him with every Raiders jacket, sheet, T-shirt, jacket, etc ever made. My grandmother needs nothing. She has too much stuff and refuses to rid her room of all of the junk we’ve given her over the years. So when it’s time to buy her a gift, it really needs to be something she could actually use. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably at the same gift-giving crossroads as me.

Here are my Top 11 Gift Ideas for Grandparents:

Magazine Subscriptions

My grandparents barely leave the house and are big time fans of print. They cancelled the newspaper subscription since it became a bit too expensive, so I decided to order both a magazine subscription. Time Magazine for Grandpa, and O or Real Simple for Grandma.


I haven’t been great about sending pictures of my family to my grandparents since all of my images are digitized. Printing some of those images into a photobook is a keepsake they would treasure.

Maid Service

Maid service can be pretty affordable, and as your grandparents become less mobile– it’s a gift that would be greatly appreciated. Average cost for basic maid services is between $30-$100 a month.

Lottery Tickets

My cousin loads my Grandfather down with lotto tickets since he loves to play.


If your grandparents have Internet service, Netflix will be a great addition to their home entertainment options and is very affordable at $8 a month. And remember, unless they have a smart TV, they will also need a media device in which to stream Netflix from like a Roku.

Show Tickets

Give your grandparents a reason to leave the house, give them tickets to their favorite musical or the opera. My grandmother really enjoyed seeing The Color Purple a few years back.

Pre-Made Dinners and/or Subscription Fruits & Veggies

My Grandpa has already said, “Hell No!” to Meals on Wheels, and my Grandma is slowing down and is often too tired to cook, so whenever we are nearby we try to bring them pre-cooked meals. Agreeing to do this even once a month would be a huge help. If you are not nearby, there are farmer’s co-ops you can join and have fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your grandparent’s home.

Comfortable Sneakers

This may seem like an odd gift, but I have a grandmother who is fairly active and takes walks daily. There is nothing better than a good pair of sneakers! Even if your grandparents aren’t getting around, when they do touch foot-to-ground, make sure they have enough arch support.

Genealogy Gifts

My grandmother has done a magnificent job of tracing our families history, so we know a lot about my mom’s side of the family. My father’s side of the family, not so much. If your grandparents have Internet access, get them a subscription to Ancestry.com which will allow them to trace their roots. They’ll enjoy putting together the puzzle that is their ancestry and passing it down to you.

Another option is DNA-testing to explore their ethnic makeup. It’s very interesting to find out your Black grandmother is actually mostly white. And it’s pretty affordable, between $80-$100.

Brain Exercises

Your brain is another muscle, and it needs exercise. Get your grandparents a subscription to one of the most popular brain gyms– Lumosity.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners and/or Floor Sweepers

You have to work a lot of muscle groups to sweep and vacuum, and as you get older these types of chores become harder. Roomba and other robot floor cleaners can automate this mundane chore, and makes for a great gift for your grandparents or you could hire from maid services nashville team, a monthly visit from a maid would surely alleviate the pressures of the home.

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