12 Quick Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is supposed to be scary but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Follow these tips to ensure your safety and the safety of your kids this Halloween.

Trick-or-Treat with neighbors you know. Place candy given to you by people you know in one bag, and candy from strangers in another.

Check all candy to make sure the packaging hasn’t been tampered with. Avoid eating homemade treats by strangers.

– Don’t allow children under 12 to trick-or-treat without an adult.

– Carry a glow-stick or flashlight. Also fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags. It is important for motorists and other people to be able to see you.

– Reiterate to your kids the rules about strangers – don’t talk to strangers on the street, don’t go into anyone’s home to get candy or to use the restroom, and stay together.

Always walk, don’t run from house-to-house. It is easy to trip and fall in the dark.

– Be careful of candles and luminaries. You could accidentally catch fire if you bump or fall into them.

– Don’t wear decorative contact lenses, they can cause serious eye injuries.

– Bring along a dog. Criminals are less likely to target people that have a dog with them. But keep your dog securely on a leash to protect other people.

Be mindful of your location. It is easy to get caught up in trick-or-treating and end up miles from home. Pre-plan your route, and bring a cell phone along.

– Wear masks that don’t obstruct your vision.

Know what doors not to knock on. This may seem a bit paranoid, but many communities are home to sexual offenders. Visit US Department of Justice’s website to locate registered offenders are in your neighborhood.


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