5 Quick Time Saving Tips for Moms

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Working moms don’t have it easy. After putting in 40 to sometimes 50 or 60 hours per week, you still have to go to your second job — your family. The demands of a family are hard to squeeze into your day. Here are my some quick tips to save you time and energy during your work week.

Prepare Lunches & Meals on Sunday

Make meals on Sunday, and stack them in the fridge. I prepare five sandwiches for my son’s lunch each Sunday. That way when I get home each evening, I can throw his pre-made sandwich, a lunch drink, and a couple snacks in his lunchbox — it takes me less than two minutes each day.

I also prepare two to three dinners in advance. One is always a casserole! And those dinners also serve as lunch for the grown ups.

Pick Your Clothes Out on Sunday

Common theme– Sunday. I use Sunday to prepare for the whole week. Picking out five outfits for my child and I is one activity that saves me loads of time each morning. If your children are old enough, make them pick out their own clothes for the week. Doing this in advance keeps me from having to mess around each morning trying to piece together an outfit, and keeps me from getting frustrated when I can’t find what I need. I also have an opportunity to wash and iron anything that needs it.

Bathe at Night

A shower may be part of your morning routine, but it also takes time. Even if you stick to your morning shower, make sure the little ones get their bath at night. In fact, my son jumps in the bath as soon as we walk through the door. As the evening crawls on, I have less and less energy to argue with him about a bath, so making him jump into the bath right when we come home works out best for both of us.

Prepare Meals for 2-4 Weeks

Okay, this tip depends on how organized you can be. But coming up with a meal plan will save you trips to the grocery store, and save you money since you’re making less trips. Try to plan dinners for at least two weeks at a time. Remember, you don’t need to have a different meal each night. One meal can serve your family for 2-3 dinners depending upon your family size.

Stick to a Routine

Being flexible is great, but when it comes to saving time it’s important to keep your family in a routine; that way everyone knows what to expect and their are no surprises. We have a morning routine, even down to the way my son gets dressed and washes his face. Due to our routine, we can both eat breakfast, get dressed, do our hair, and wash up in 30-45 minutes each morning. Fumble around until you find a routine that works for your family.


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