5 Things I Learned From My Son This Week


Our role, as parents, is to raise and teach our children. It isn’t until you accept your own imperfections as a human being, that you can realize your child is actually teaching you things. My son seems like an empty canvas, just ready for me to paint all over. But he is actually more like a living, walking, jumping, running encyclopedia, who came into this world knowing all of the important things already. Things that us grown-ups either forget, dismiss, or are raised away from.

So here are 5 things I learned from my son this week:

Being Naked is Okay!

My son loves to be naked. He hates to wear clothes… around the house that is. He’s not ashamed or embarrassed of his body, and why should he be. It’s beautiful and natural, and if we were Pygmies he’d wear nothing but a loin cloth all day.

Underwear Is Not the Important

In keeping with the barely-clothed theme, my son also prefers not to wear underwear. Is that so bad? Why is underwear so important anyway?

Play Until You Drop

At times all of the jumping and noise-making is unbearably, annoying. But it shouldn’t be because play is what kids do best, and what grown ups need to do more.

It’s Okay to Say, “I’m Sorry.”

My son can easily say, “I’m sorry Mommy.” I don’t care what has happened, he has no problem apologizing to me. No ego gets in his way. I, on the other hand, specialize in shifting blame. But a good ol’ apology is often all it takes to diffuse a situation, and heal hurt feelings.

It’s Okay to Be Me!

At times, I want my son to be more like other kids. Why don’t you play with the other kids? Why don’t you want to join karate? Why don’t you want to ride your bike? But I’ve come to realize that he is unapologetically himself. He feels no need to take interest in something or someone because that’s the popular choice. And he’s made me okay with myself. We may both be strange, but we are us!


Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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