6 Surprising Facts About Disneyland

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I’ve been going to Disneyland every summer between the ages of 4 and 12. After I entered preteen years, I guess I outgrew the desire to go. But after a couple-decade long hiatus, I was surprised to discover some interesting facts about Disneyland. If you love pets, tobacco, or healthy eating, you’ll love these facts.

Disneyland Loves Pets

They love pets so much that they allow you to bring them. That’s right, you can bring your dog to Disneyland. Of course, Rover can’t walk around with you, but he can stay put in one of Disneyland’s kennels on a first come, first served basis; no reservations are accepted. Disneyland will house dogs, cats, birds, some rodents, rabbits, and most animals that are legal to own in the state of California. Pets must be current on their shots, and boarding will cost $20 per day, per pet. Read more info on Disneyland Kennels here.

Disneyland Respects Your Health

Unlike other amusement parks that specialize in fried carnival food, you can eat healthy at Disneyland. I’ve recently started to eat healthier and worried that Disneyland could not accommodate my new appetite. But I was able to enjoy fresh fruit at their fruit stand, and chow-down on a gourmet grilled chicken and risotto meal in the Blue Bayou.

Pre-Buying Tickets Doesn’t Save You Time

Well it does, but only a few minutes. You spend around 30 minutes getting through the bag check. And pre-buying your tickets won’t alleviate that requirement.

You Can Smoke at Disneyland

I’m very anti-smoking, but if you must have a drag, you don’t have to venture back out to the parking lot. Disneyland offers designated smoking areas throughout the park. Learn more about the park’s smoking policy here.

Disneyland Doesn’t Close with the Parade

Most customers assume the park shuts down after the fireworks and parade, but it’s usually open until midnight. As Disneyland sets up for it’s nightly entertainment, ushers come out to move the crowd toward the exit. But resist the movement and request the usher direct you to the ride of your choice. As 70,000 people leave the park, you and a lucky few and get on your favorite rides with much shorter lines.



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