Tapped Out: 9 Easy Ways to Save Water

how to save water

As usual California is in a drought. In fact, a number of states are dealing with a water crisis. During a recent road trip, I drove through central California– farm country. It is here that the drought truly has had a pronounced affect. Many of California’s farmers are blamed for our water crisis, and many of those same farmers blame Congress and bad policies for the situation we are in. At the end of the day, both farmers and everyday citizens must pull together to resolve this issue. We all owe a duty to ourselves, our families, and the planet to save water. According to ShowerHacks.com, 78% of us waste water. But for many of us (and by us I mean “me” too), it is not intuitive to do otherwise. I find that I waste at least a few gallons of water every day without even realizing. Now, I am trying to be more aware of my own wastefulness, so that I can help correct the problem instead of adding to it. Here are 9 quick ways to save water:

1) Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and face.

I’ve always been fairly good about turning off the water during brushing, but I often leave it running as I wash my face. Make sure to turn the water off whenever you are not actively collecting it for use.

2) Wash dishes in a large pot rather than the sink.

I normally fill up one of the pots I’m washing with hot water, and then soak dishes in it a few at a time. This always results in less water usage then if I had filled up the sink.

3) Rinse dishes all at once.

Typically, I rinse each dish one at a time. Now I allow them to collect soapy in the sink, then hit them all with the sprayer at once.

4) Reuse shower water.

Allow a bucket to collect water from the faucet as you shower, then use that to water the plants outside. Collect only the clean water, you don’t want to pour shampoo and soap on your rose bush. According to reviews of the Fleck 5600SXT system, there are systems that filtrate and recycle water for you automatically.

5) Collect rainwater.

You can reuse collected rainwater for watering plants as well. Just be sure not to allow water to sit more than a few days, you don’t want mosquitoes to lay their eggs in it.

6) Reduce baths and showers, here are tips I learned on Showerheadly.com

I’m not saying to not bath on a daily basis, but merely to reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower, and the number of baths you take per week. I love baths, there is nothing better than soaking in warm water. But to save water I’ve reduced the number of baths I take to one a week, the other six days I take showers. While in the shower, wet down and turn the water off while you soap up. Once soapy, turn the water back on to rinse off.

7) “If It’s yellow let it mellow”

This is the official government catch phrase. It’s a bit disgusting, but it means to allow urine to go unflushed in an effort to reduce water. I can’t stand the thought of it, but I’m trying to capitulate. I can allow the “yellow” to only sit at night while we are sleeping. It’s a start.

8) “Yellow” is the new “Green”

Again with the yellow, green grass is so out of style. “Green grass” is now like the Hummer, it’s a symbol of excess and greed. Go ahead and allow that grass to die. I’m in the process of getting some fake grass for my lawn, that’s an option if you prefer a healthy looking yard.

9) Drink tap.

Drinking water is not exactly saving water, but more water is used to create bottled water then just collecting the resource out of your tap. If you don’t trust your tap, invest in a water filter.

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