9 Tips to Help Newborns Sleep Throughout the Night

how often should a newborn wake up
My son woke up every two hours. And he did this until he was nearly one. So for almost a year, I got very few restful nights. My mother tried to help out by keeping him once a week. But of course, it didn’t help since I worried shamelessly about my newborn all night. It took some time, but I finally figured out some things to help my little boy, and I, sleep throughout the night.

Just Add…Cereal!

Babies wake up at night mostly to eat. Mixing a teaspoon of cereal into your baby’s milk bottle will help to keep her full longer. Of course, the cereal thickens the formula, so you may need to widen the hole to allow it to flow out. Just don’t widen the whole too much, or your baby will take in more than they can chew (literally!) and spit it up.

Send a Bottle to Bed

It’s okay to set a bottle down next to your sleeping baby. Once he knows it’s there, he’ll reach for it on his own. He might get a little fussy if he needs to get burped after he drinks.

Quality Diapers

how to get my baby to sleep through the night

Babies cry when wet, so a diaper that can lick the moisture from their bottom is key to helping them sleep a little longer. Diapers are one of the biggest expenses you’ll have, and of course you want the best deal. But sometimes the cheaper diapers are no better than a putting a napkin on your baby’s bottom. Target has the most affordable and best quality diapers (and wipes)! I’ve tried more expensive brands such as Huggies and Pampers, and cheaper ones at Walmart. Target’s Up&Up diapers beat them all. (And their Up&Up wipes are also the thickest, widest and most affordable).  Also sprinkle a bit of extra powder on your baby’s bottom at night.

Add a Gas Drop or Two

If your baby is formula feed, they get a little more gassy at night. Adding a couple gas drop to help soothe their tummies won’t hurt.

Temperature Control

my baby wont sleep through the night

New mommies have a tendency to think their babies are always cold, even when it’s 90-degrees in the house. Your baby could wake from just being too hot, or too cold. Make sure they are suitably dressed for bed and they don’t have too many blankets. Remember babies are like little furnaces, they generate a tremendous amount of heat on their own.


Swaddling your baby in a comfortable blanket is almost as good as being in your arms. And the protective cocoon of the blanket will help him sleep longer.

Later Bed Time

Try sending your baby to sleep later. There is no law stating they need to be in bed by 9 pm. Try putting them down at 11 pm with a late meal, then hopefully they will let you sleep until 5 or 6 am.

Warm Bath

A warm bath puts everyone to sleep. A warm bath just before bed will help soothe your baby.

Meditation or Relaxation Activities

Babies are very in-tune with your spirit. When your hearts race, they can feel it. So it is important that you relax, if you want your baby to relax. Meditate, stretch, journal, take a warm bath, or whatever works. Just relax and it will help your baby relax.


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