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black travel and tour groups

More African Americans are traveling than ever before. Seventeen percent of African Americans will take one international trip this year. It is expected that African American tourists will spend $48 billion this year on travel alone. With so much money to be had, you would think that savvy marketers within the tourist industry would be nipping at our heels for our dollars. But that is not the case. There is no real, travel-oriented marketing campaigns targeted toward African American tourists, and therefore very few Black travel groups and tours.

African Americans who have the means to travel often find that their family and friends do not. This makes it difficult to travel with other African Americans. Getting involved in Black travel and tour groups is one way to travel with other Black people. There are some resourcesavailable if you desire to experience traveling with other Black people.

Black Girl Travel is a great resource for Black women looking to hook up with other like-minded individuals and explore. The founder organizes tour groups in a variety of locations including South Africa.

Mobile Mamas Crew is a travel group organized for Black, single mothers by Paula Montgomery. Black mothers connect for budget-friendly getaways.

African American travel meetups.

Search on for these groups. Some of these groups organize trips, others allow you to interact with members that might be organizing a trip to the same destination, allowing you to make subtle connections.

Local Black Ski, Scuba Diving, and Bike Clubs.

There are local affiliates of these national clubs. Local clubs will organize travel/activity-related trips for their members, such as a ski trip to Windsor, Canada or a dive trip to Belize. These clubs are a great way to meet and travel with other African Americans.

Waterbabies is a National Black Sailing club founded by Ben Finley which organizes sailing trips around the world each year.

Black Social Clubs such as Jack and Jill.

Members of these clubs often organize international trips. Although these clubs are organized to promote social climbing, members often have interest in traveling and the funds to make it happen.

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