Best Beach Near Disneyland (SoCal/Orange County)


Let me preface by saying, I’m picky about my beaches! It mostly stems from my extreme aversion to cigarette butts (and hypodermic needles). If I see too many of these disgusting things on a beach, I’m like hell no, this ain’t nothin’ but a big ol’ ashtray.

During my recent visit to Disneyland, I was on the hunt for the perfect beach nearby. I took my son to the Santa Monica Pier since we had never gone, but when it came time to enjoy the sand, my feet wouldn’t step foot. The beach just looked too dirty, as would be expected of such a touristy beach.

I read reviews on the best beaches in Los Angeles and Orange County, but most named are highly popular. So instead I opened up Google Maps on my phone, and found a little known beach in Long Beach called “Sunset Beach.” Now Long Beach is not in Orange County, but it is still fairly close to Disneyland. I’d never read anything about the beach online, so I assumed it would be the perfect place.

great beach for kids

And boy was I right. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with “10” being the cleanest), Sunset Beach gets a 8. I did spot a couple cigarette butts, but not enough to make me cringe, and there was a few debris items on the sand.

sunset beach shells

The beach was totally uncrowded on a Sunday afternoon, plenty of free parking, and the sand was covered in shells (which all kids will love).

sunset beach houses

Sunset Beach is dotted with beautiful beach homes (if you’re into that kind of thing), and it is a perfect swimming beach as the waves are calm and mild.

The weather is…well…quintessential Southern California — warm, but not too hot.

Thus far, Sunset Beach is the best beach in the Los Angeles area for families and for general relaxation. It is also one of the cleanest beaches I’ve seen in the area. Cool beach!

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