Best Damn Kale Smoothie Recipe!!!!

kale smoothie recipe

I’ve been trying to eat better, and “X” non-fruit sugars out of my life. One thing that has helped that transitions is starting off my day with a delicious smoothie. I try to use fresh, frozen and natural ingredients, and have stumbled across a recipe I just love. I haven’t given it a name, just call it “damn good!”


2 Cups of Fresh Kale

2 Cups of Frozen Strawberries

2 Cups of Frozen Blueberries

3 Bananas

3 Cups of Unsweetened Almond Milk

2 Avocados

1 Cup of Aloe Water

1 Cup of Natural Carrot Juice

1 Tbsp. of Flaxseed

1 Tbsp. of Chia Seed

1/4 Tsp. of Cayenne Pepper

1 Tsp. of Nutmeg

good smoothies for breakfast

Their is no real instructions, just throw it altogether and blend away. I’m able to create 3 servings out of these ingredients, which will last for three separate breakfasts. Not too bad for 10 minutes of blending.



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