Fine Dining at Disneyland: Blue Bayou Review

blue bayou restaurant

Never heard of the Blue Bayou restaurant? Neither had I, and I’ve been to Disneyland probably a dozen times. But if you’ve visited the park before, you probably saw it during the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As you head off to the Caribbean sea, you might notice a sparsely-lit dining room off to your right.  Well that’s the Blue Bayou restaurant, and it’s not easy to find. The entrance to the Blue Bayou is located in the New Orleans Square, but the exterior of the location is not at all reminiscent of the enchanting dining room you saw from your boat, so you’re likely to overlook it.

disneyland restaurant

The Blue Bayou was just as dark (and romantic) as I expected. Each table is lit by candlelight. There is just enough damp lighting overhead to allow the waiters to move around without major complications.

I was pleasantly surprised by the menu. I expected chicken fingers or something, but it was fine dining. It is definitely not a good restaurant for small children, they are unlikely to find any of their favorite foods.

fine dining at disneyland

We started our meal with a basket of warm bread. Nothing is super-special about the bread basket, except the cornbread. They have this cornbread that is to die for. I’m not sure what they do to it, but it’s excellent and I ordered up another basket of it before the meal was over.

For starters we had the gumbo and house salad. Both were pretty good, but I’ve had better gumbo. Blue Bayou’s gumbo has no seafood in it.

blue bayou restaurant disneyland

Next was our main course. I ordered the Citrus-marinated Chicken Breast with bacon and pea risotto, and my son had the Monte Cristo sandwich. The citrus-marinated chicken was pretty good, but the accompanying risotto was pretty underwhelming. The rice was a bit hard. The risotto definitely wasn’t worth the $35 price tag.

The Monte Cristo sandwich was huge; enough to feed four people. If you’ve never had a Monte Cristo, it’s a multi-meat and cheese sandwich, battered and fried. The batter is reminiscent of a donut, and it always comes with a sweet, berry dipping sauce. Blue Bayou’s version of the Monte Cristo did not disappoint. It was pretty good.

blue bayou menu

In addition to the entrees, I just had to try the Mint Julep and Louisiana Lemonade. I thought both were quite tasty.

Overall, Blue Bayou was a nice experience. With the exception of the risotto, the food was pretty good, and is really the only opportunity for fine dining in the park. You will have to pay for this experience. I walked out with a $100 bill, so the Blue Bayou is not the best option for budgeters.




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