A Stroll at the Beach

beaches in santa cruz

It’s a lucky thing this is California. In many places, a stroll on the beach in mid-November just wouldn’t be possible.

beaches in santa cruz

After some great seafood at Aldo’s in Capitola (near Santa Cruz), we wondered outside to enjoy the Santa Cruz Harbor, and the Seabright Beach that sits to the south, just shy of the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Love this beach, it was much cleaner than I anticipated.

beaches in santa cruz

My son was fascinated by all of the historic remnants that dotted the Seabright. Like the Walton Lighthouse. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The lighthouse sits on a man-made jetty, and is over 41 feet tall and weighs 350,000 pounds. I just love lighthouses. My son was even fascinated by the dredge, which pumps the excess sand onto the beach.

Seabright also has a dredge that sits north at the harbor, it displaces sand from the sea floor and pushes up onto the man-made harbor. There’s also these huge concrete jack looking things, which make for interesting architecture and I can only assume provide some other type of structural support, but I have no idea what.

beaches in santa cruz

Lovely beach for a winter day!

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