Black Friday Bag: Essentials for Line-Standing and Crowd-Braving

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It’s that time of year. Black Friday is almost upon us. I’ve been participating in Black Friday since I was a child. Braving wind chills at 4 am the day after Thanksgiving to grab all of the sales items we marked in the circular. It’s a tradition, and even though I don’t actually need anything, it’s a tradition that’s hard to let go of. Since I am a professional Black Friday-er (if there is a such thing), I have some very practical advice to help ease the discomfort of the Black Friday line. Whether you are going to Target, Best Buy or Walmart, you will need some essentials to aid to your comfort and safety. I like to prepare a small bag and Black Friday kit for my car.

Here is my Black Friday Bag:

– Hat, Scarf and Gloves to keep your hands, neck and head warm

– Chapstick or Lip gloss

– Comfortable, water-proof shoes. Water-proof in case it’s raining

– Warm coat or jacket

– Throw to keep warm (if it’s under 40 degrees outside)

– Cash to stay on a budget and prevent overspending

– Collapsible chair. Standing for hours is super-tiresome.

– Beverage

– A couple of snacks

– Prescription glasses to see those deals a mile away.

– Backpack purse because it’s easier to carry while standing in line and running through the store

– MP3 Player or phone with playlist

– Store Map


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