City Kids: Five Fun San Francisco Attractions for Kids

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San Francisco is definitely a cool city for adults to visit. The city is full of restaurants, shows, and Drag Queens. But San Francisco doesn’t necessarily seem like a place for children, but you’d be surprised. San Francisco is a very brazen and outgoing city for both adults and children, and there are lots for kids to do in the big city. Here are 5 of our favorite kids activities in San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Merry-Go-Round

San Francisco boasts a beautiful 100-year old carousel with beautifully carves roosters, dogs, horses and a variety of other forms of wildlife. The sites and sounds will delight children for hours. A restoration project in the 80s fixed the ride as well as the amusement ride’s musical center piece, an organ from Europe.

Visit the the Park — You’ll Find it Along Bowling Green Drive

The Moscone Center offers another carousel making it one of the best places to take kids in San Francisco. It was built the same year as the San Francisco earthquake. It was moved from its former location at one of the city’s beaches. Children will not care about the history of the piece, but they will enjoy the music and the ride. It costs three dollars per rider with museum admission, or one dollar more without paying to go into the museum. Visitors will find this attraction at Fourth and Howard.

Experience Some of the Magic Kingdom

Few people associate San Francisco with Mickey Mouse. Nevertheless, the city serves as the home of the Presidio museum. The museum showcases the history of the man and the company he founded by using rotating exhibits and examples of the company’s early media. Visitors can go to listening stations to learn about the theme park’s original plans. The museum even includes a model. The museum is located at 104 Montgomery Street.

See Some Civil War History at Fort Point

California does not come to the top of the mind when people list civil war sites. Even so, San Francisco’s Fort Point serves as a lasting reminder of the conflict. Children will use its dark recesses to play manhunt, hide and seek from other games. They may even learn that the Union built the fort to protect the city from a confederate attack. The fort holds civil war reenactment events throughout the year. These events feature military drills and music played on instruments from the era. Visitors can find this fort at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Visit the Cement Slides

Take the kids and some cardboard and spend some time in the Berkeley and San Fran areas. Popular locations include the hills on Castro Street and two such slides exist in Koret Park. The Berkeley Rose Garden boasts another such slide. This slide even makes sure there is a cool, shady spot at the end of the path.

There are many more sites in the area including the San Francisco Zoo, the California Academy of Sciences, the Rainforest Cafe, and the Exploratorium. All of these places will both entertain and enlighten your kiddies, and hopefully, help them expend some of that energy.

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