Cool 80s Toys: Toys That You Played With That Your Kids Should Play With Too!

Forethought: I think kids have really cool toys now. At 6, I never imagined a tablet that would respond to the tip of my finger, or a camera connected to a video game console that picked up on my movements. But even though these kids have great toys, I can’t help but to believe we had better toys. Our toys seemed to inspired more creativity and tickle the imagination. The toys today don’t seem to do much of that at all.

Here are some cool 80s toys (giving away my age) that your new-school kids will enjoy now.

Lite Brite
lite brite 80s toys
Do you remember this toy? I would spend hours playing with this. Back then it was white and clunky. Now, it’s the size of a tablet and can be taken anywhere including long road trips. The only thing I didn’t like was the battery cover, the screws are hard to remove and I had to do some prying with a butter knife to give the  damn thing off! 
80s lite brite

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Hungry Hungry Hippo
This game hasn’t changed a bit. The colorful plastic hippos, and actual mechanics of the game are just as I remember. The only thing different is the more modern packaging. This is a great game for pre-schoolers. It’s great to play with other kids, and they can even play by themselves. Remember this game comes with tiny marbles that could be harmful to kids that have a tendency to put everything in their mouth.
Lincoln Logs

Okay, your kid may truly think this toy is old school, but Lincoln Logs are still a great for constructing forts, cabins, and building small towns. If your child loves Legos, then they will appreciate the Lincoln Logs.
Play-doh still taste the same as it always did :). But they have a lot more accessories now. 
Easy Bake Oven
easy bake oven
The Easy Bake Oven has been around since 1963. It has truly entertained and delighted generations. The newest edition is spruced up and more modern looking.
My Child
my child
The My Child doll was so much cuter than the Cabbage Patch. Unfortunately, they no longer produce them. So if you want one to pass down to your little girl, you will need to get one off eBay. Or be like me and still have yours. 
I totally forgot about this toy until I saw it in the toy aisle. I had this exact set as a child and had loads of fun with it. If your child is at all artistic, she will love this Spirograph.
Speak & Spell
speak & spell
Besides being the tool that helped E.T. finally phone home, the Speak & Spell is a great educational toy for kids of yesterday and today not as good as the complete Fisher Price car range though. If you want one, check out eBay. 
These toys have never lost popularity. In the 80s, Transformers were cutting edge; the engineering was just profound. Boys love them, and girls secretly want them. I know I did.

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