Dumpster Diving Supply List

I recently had my first dumpster-diving experience. I was living on the freegan-side, and totally got into the idea of liberating food and reducing waste all at the same time. For those of you who want to try it for yourself, there are some supplies that will make the experience a lot easier.

1) Gloves 

You should always have a pair of work gloves, plastic dishwashing gloves, or even plastic medical gloves to keep your hands from getting dirty as you dive.

2) Flashlights

You will likely be diving at night, so a flashlight is a must. Even during the day, you will likely need extra light to peer underneath things. 

3) Crates or Boxes

Bring as many crates as you can fit in your trunk or truck bed. Crates are great for sorting, and just keeping all of your dumpster-dive freebies organized. If you don’t have access to crates, trash bags will also do.

4) Truck and Vehicle with Non-Daytime Running Headlights

Obviously, not everyone has access to a truck, but it makes totting your dumpster-dive finds just a tad bit easier. If you have a smaller car, try to clean the trunk out before you go, you will probably need the space.

Also avoid using a car with daytime-running lights, which are headlights that are always on. You need to turn your lights off as you drive behind the store, day-time running headlights stay on and make it easier to spot you. If you have access to a vehicle without these types of headlights, take that one. 

5) Old T-shirts and Uber Comfy Clothes and Shoes

This is pretty obvious, but you definitely don’t want to get your favorite jeans soiled. And you want clothes that allow you movement, just in case you have to dive in.

6) Gopher Reaching Tool

This is to help you reach food in the dumpster. And if you are person who doesn’t want to jump in, you may be able to grab some items without getting in.

7) Pre-Mapped Route

Many dumpster-diving freegans visit several stores. Use Google Maps to determine a route that is most efficient, and will allow you to hit all of your selected dumpsters with the least amount of driving. This will save time and gas.



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    […] drive a group of friends from dumpster-to-dumpster on a warm Texas night. (Here is my recommended dumpster-diving supply list for those that want to try […]

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