Eating at Aquarius in Santa Cruz

Scenario: A day at the beach resulted in a substantial amount of hunger, so restaurants in Santa Cruz and came across this perfectly, located eatery.

Aquarius Restaurant in Santa Cruz Review

First thought, “This place looks expensive.” Aquarius restaurant is situated on the ocean at Santa Cruz harbor, just short of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Part of the Dreams Inn, it is in probably the most perfect location in the world. We got there around 3 pm on a Saturday; too early for the 5 pm dinner serving but on-time to select from a lunch and drink menu.

aquarius santa cruz restaurant review

The inside of the restaurant was serene. A seat in the lobby offers you a perfect view of the ocean and pier.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, modern, causal and surf-ery, if that’s a word. Intricate works of iron art divide the lobby and dining room. A bench seat, dotted by small tables, held its own against the lobby’s picture window allowing an awesome view of the ocean. And was the perfect resting place for my son to take a pseudo-nap after his meal. 

aquarius menu fish and cips

We ordered up fish and chips, as well as chicken fingers and fries from the kids menu. The waitress brought out what seemed like 3 whole fish, fried golden brown, and a heaping amount of fries. It was delicious, although it could use just a bit more salt. Fish and chips will run you about $18. 

Although the meal was good, the drinks were less than desired. We ordered peach and pineapple Mojitos from the bar. They were both watered down and quite disappointing. But my son had the lemonade which was spot on. 

Parking in front of the restaurant is difficult, the lot is not very big but there is overflow parking across the street. Make sure to get your parking validated before you leave the restaurant or it will cost you. 

Overall, I enjoyed this restaurant. They offered a great variety of food, but not drinks. It is one of the best restaurants around Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and is in walking distance of the boardwalk, beach, and harbor. 

Get a reservation or more info about Aquarius. But Aquarius isn’t the only great restaurant in town, I’ve discovered another great restaurant serving up some of the best seafood in Santa Cruz.

Aquarius santa cruz bar

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