Fall Camping Supply List

camping supplies

It is easy to over-pack or under-pack for camping. I was chatting about this with a friend who actually runs a camping-themed site, Shooting Authority and he agreed that it is also easy to bring more stuff than you will ever need when you’re bringing kids along. Your camping supply list should be minimal, as the point is to experience life without luxury. But if it’s too minimal, you run the risk of being uncomfortable and having to fork-over money for goods from the park store. If you bring nothing else, at least bring a good bushcraft knife.

Camping Supplies

Tent or RV

Sleeping Bag – 20 degree Fahrenheit

Air Mattress or sleeping pad (Not necessary, but it definitely adds to your comfort level)

First Aid Kit

Propane Stove & Propane Cylinders (Only necessary if camp fires aren’t permitted on the campground. Call the campground ahead of time.)

1-2 Lighters for the fire

Charcoal for grilling (Unless using a propane stove.)

Lighter fluid (Unless using a propane stove.)

1-2 Cooking Pots/Pans

Eating Utensils


Dishwashing Liquid

Sponge/Dish Scrubber



Extra batteries/chargers

Fold-Out Chairs (A lot of people forget to bring chairs. Unless you’re planning to stand around all day, you’ll need these.)


Trash Bags

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

1 Towel for each person

1 Wash Towel for each person


Baby Wipes (Good for more than just babies.)

Hand Sanitizer

Clothing for Camping

1 Sweater

1 Rain Jacket or Down Coat (depending upon the temperature)

1-2 Pairs of Comfortable Pants

1-2 Pairs of Shorts (depending upon whether)

1 Swim suit/ trunks

Comfortable Shirts/T-shirts, 1 for each day

Underwear & socks for each day, plus 1-2 extra pairs

1 Sneakers

1 Hiking Boots

1 Flip Flop

1 Hat for early morning and late night cold

Camping Games & Entertainment Supplies (Optional)

Card Games

Board Games



Sports Equipment – Soccer, Football, Baseball, etc.

Misc Items to Bring Camping

Feminine Hygiene Items


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