Fantasy of Lights at Vasona Park Review

fantasy of lights vasona park

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And it would be a shame not to enjoy the spoils of the season. That’s why we decided to drive through Vasona Park’s Fantasy of Lights in Los Gatos. It’s a drive-through cornucopia of lights!

I was fair-warned to arrive early, and did just that. I got to the park at about 5:30 (it opens at 6 pm each evening). Only problem, no waiting allowed. So I headed down to a nearby store and did a little window shopping before returning to the park entrance a few minutes before six.

By the time I returned, traffic was heavy. I spent 30 minutes in a traffic jam trying to enter the park, only to discover I was attempting to enter the park from the wrong direction. Every car is forced to take a very specific route along Lark Ave and University to Blossom Hill to enter the park, and no other route is acceptable. So, we then spent another 1:30-2 hours accessing the park from the right direction. I was very annoyed, but since I had driven such a long way to get there, I wasn’t about to turn back until I saw some Christmas lights.

vasona park christmas lights

And lights we saw. Lots and lots of lights. We received these special 2D glasses that either added snowmen or reindeer to every display (depending upon which glasses you got).

christmas lights at vasona park

There was of course Santa Claus and his loyal reindeer lit up throughout, as well as a few dinosaurs, pirate ships, and other things that don’t have much to do with Christmas.

fantasy of lights christmas light show fantasy of lights show

I can’t say that I was personally bedazzled by the display, but my son seemed very impressed and that’s what Christmas lights are for — the child in all of us.

Touring the lights takes about an hour. Touring the lights is worth it once, but I’m not sure if I would go again because of the line.

If you hate waiting, you could opt for the Holiday Train at the park. The park is open to holiday train passengers earlier than for the drive-thru customers, and passengers get to tour the lights via a fun train.

The park charges $15 per car. Feel free to stuff an army in your Civic, they won’t charge per person. The park closes at 9 pm each evening, but may close as early as 8 pm to accommodate all of the traffic, so get there early. Weekends are typically the most congested, so try going on a weekday.

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