Friday Night Activities With Kids

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Remember Friday nights? Those used to be the days when you went to the club and met cute guys, met-up with friends at the bar, grabbed a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant, or took in a flick with your mate.

I remember those nights fondly, but since becoming a mom my Friday nights consist of burrowing through heavier-than normal rush hour traffic, fixing dinner, and trying to fight sleep and actually enjoy the fact that it’s Friday night.

Just because your a mom doesn’t mean that your once-fun Friday nights have to become just like Tuesday night, it just means that you will need to find fun things to do as a family (or call a sitter). Here are my favorite family-fun Friday night activities:

Bowling for Ninos

The bowling alley is fun, energetic, and usually not too expensive. Two games is usually enough fun for everyone. If you are bringing a few kids, rent two lanes next to each other and allow the kids to enjoy their own game with bumpers. I prefer a bowling alley that offers a great selection of food and bar.

Amusement Parks

Most families wait until weekend to hit up the local amusement park, but Friday nights are actually a perfect time. No, you won’t have all day to ride, but if you invest in Season Passes it won’t matter. You and your kiddies can ride well into the night with no crowds. That means more rides in less time.


Drive-ins are a great way to enjoy a movie without having to take it so seriously. Dress the kids in pajamas, sneak in some real food, and watch a movie everyone can enjoy. If you have access to a pickup truck, take it. It’s better to pile into the back of the bed, the kids also have a bit of room to move around.

Friday Night Lights

Baseball, football, basketball–whatever your fancy, Friday night games are always the best! Even if you are not a sports fan, there is nothing better and more exciting than a live game whether it be at your local high school or the nearby professional sports arena. Check StubHub for cheap tickets to local events all year long. 

Sweet Treats and Movies

On cold, rainy days, the best place to spend a Friday night is right at home. Make some treats with the kids like cookies, brownies and popcorn, and watch some of your favorite family movies. The sugary treats will keep you up passed your normal bedtime, and allow for quality family time. 


Read more Family Friday Fun Activities for Free or Cheap:

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