Fun Nighttime Activities for Teens

nighttime activities for teens

Night + Teens usually equals trouble! But we can curtail the likelihood of drinking and unplanned pregnancy by giving teens some structured, and fun, activities to do at night.

Here are some fun nighttime activities for teens:

1. Midnight Basketball

Many communities offer Midnight Basketball programs. If your community doesn’t offer midnight basketball, speak with your local Parks & Rec department about organizing a program at your local park. If you have a hoop at your home, invite teens over for some late-night hooping.

2. Boxing

The local boxing gym is a great way to work out some aggression, and just plain work out. Most boxing gyms stay open late night, so it’s a great way to keep your teen occupied.

3. Throw a Party

Probably not what you had in mind, but if you allow your teen to throw a semi-chaperoned party (meaning you’ll stay upstairs until needed), the teens will have fun and be safe.

4. Camping

Great for a Friday night. Invite your teen plus a few of her friends along. Let them have a tent to themselves and they can giggle all through the night.

5. Bowling

Bowling is a great way to socialize in a public space.

6. Video Game Tournament

A lot of teens love video games. Organize a tournament with your teen and his friends with a grand prize.

7. Improv

If you have a drama queen on your hands, or even a teen that needs to get out of his shell, improv is a great way to do it. Many improv clubs offer shows for all ages, and will accept participants of any age.

8. Nighttime Pool Party

If you have a pool, throw a nighttime pool party. You can even fire up the grill.

9. Spa Party

With just a few supplies, your teen and her friends will be totally happy with a spa party. They can paint each other’s nails and give each other cucumber facials. You could also move this party to an actual spa or nail salon.

10. Cooking Party

Let your teen choose a few menu items and invite her friends over for a cooking session. Homemade pizza, salad, cookies– you name it. A cooking party is a great way for teens to interact and learn a valuable skill.

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