Fun Places To Go in Miami with Kids

fun things to do in miami with kids

Vacationing in Miami is fun, and if you take your kids along there are many wonderful, family-fun activities you can all do in this beautiful city. Below are some places to go in Miami with kids.

The Jungle Island

Maybe you have visited the zoo with your children but you want them to have a more interactive experience, take them to Jungle Island. Your kids can feed the parrots in the aviary, or enjoy looking at the baby tigers and lions in the jungle. They can also take part in other interactive experiences with lemurs, baby alligators, tiger cubs, and enjoy other wild and exciting animals without ever entering a “real jungle.”

Learn more about Jungle Island.

The Miami Children’s Museum

For parents who want their children to learn a number of things, the Miami Museum is the perfect destination. Here your kids can learn and practice every day skills like banking, cooking and shopping. They can also try out fun activities like building sand castles, climbing trees and taking care of pets. All these things are done in a safe and well organized way so there is no risk of injury to your kids.

Learn more about Miami Children’s Museum.

Water Adventures

Miami is famous for its rivers, creeks and long coastline. Your trip to this city will not be complete without adventures in the water. So take your kids to the famous Oleta River State Park. Some of the fun activities for kids include canoeing, fishing and kayaking. Be sure to sign up for a guided tour and have qualified experts on hand to help you navigate the water ways.

Learn more about Oleta River State Park.

The Miami Seaquarium

No visit would be complete without a visit to an aquarium. I know what you’re thinking– we’ve been to our local aquarium a million times. But the Miami Seaquarium is different! Kids will love to view Miami’s local sea creatures up close– those famous manatees and dolphins– they are probably not at your local aquarium. The Miami Seaquarium is also filled with turles, alligators, sharks and more. Not only will the kids enjoy viewing these animals, they’ll love an opportunity to get up and close with the dolphin and seal encounters, and the sea trek along the Seaquariam’s giant coral reef.

Learn more about the Miami Seaquarium.

Sawgrass Adventure Park

Got some adventures souls on your hands? If so, Sawgrass is the activity that will both thrill and build memories. Your little dare devils will look coasting through the Everglades on an airboat. In addition to checking out nature in all its glory, Sawgrass is a rescue center with over 100 mammels and reptiles that your kids can enjoy, and even hold.

As you can see, vacationing in Miami is fun for the entire family. Grab a South Florida Adventure Pass, and you can save on a lot of these activties.

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