Fun Sick Day Activities

sick day activities

When my son gets sick, so do I. He’s like a little, germ-spreader. The sicker he gets, the more germy-kisses he wants to give mommy, and the more cuddle time he needs. If I’m lucky, I can evade his germs but rarely is it the case.

Now we are both home sick and arguing over whether to watch cartoons or Twilight. I vote for Twilight! I also vote for ‘get out of my room’ but that would make cuddle time harder, so he’s not having it.

To nip the arguing in the bud, I’ve had to come up with compromises. Activities we both can do on sick days that don’t require too much energy, and that will keep us both entertained.

Video Games

Luckily, we are stocked with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and tablets. So we can both enjoy our favorite games.


Although this game is usually played alone, it’s a great way to teach my son the art of counting backwards. So playing it together is a great learning experience.


Great time to catch up on books, and to allow my son read to me.

Bath Time

Hot steam is great for clearing nasal passages, and a warm bath also puts your body at ease.


We love puzzles. And they are a great way to keep those brain muscles working even when you’re feeling out of it.

Lego Sets

Lego sets may seem simple-minded, but they are actually quite challenging for both adults and kids.

Even though sick days can be fun, it’s best not to get sick. Check out: 10 Things to Clean When Your Kid Gets Sick @ Brown Mamas 

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