Good Back-to-School Habits

getting kids ready for back to school
My son will be starting school in just a couple weeks. It’s an exciting time for both of us, but I’m a little nervous for him. I’m afraid that he’s accumulated a lot of bad habits over the break. He goes to bed and wakes when he wants, he eats what he wants, he rarely wears clothes, and in just generally lives a life of freedom and luxury.

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It sounds worse than it is. My son is pretty well-behaved, so we haven’t had reason to be real strict or authoritative with him. He also doesn’t currently have a daily routine that requires him to leave the house, so he’s free to run around naked if he wants. But these are bad habits nonetheless, and he will need to get into some better ones to ensure that he is alert, attentive, and effective as a pupil.

Many experts believe you must complete the same task for 21 days in order for it to become habitual. Certain tasks such as crack-smoking will become habitual much sooner than 21 days, so proceed with caution! If you are just now reading this, you are probably against the clock when it comes to making these new habits habitual before the first day of school. But that’s okay, the first couple weeks of school are an adjustment period anyway.

good habits for school success

So here are some good habits to get your kids ready for back-to-school:

1) Bedtime by 8 or 9 PM every night.
getting kids ready for back to school

2) Nutrition. Switch out the bad snacks and candy for healthy foods that will offer not only nutrition but foster the development of the brain, trigger positive emotions, settle hyperactivity, and fight infection.

3) Hygiene. When children stay home every day, parents are sometimes not as strict about their hygiene. But getting them into a daily habit of bathing, teethbrushing, and grooming can sometimes be difficult. Start now.

4) Homework. Getting your child in the habit of completing 30-60 minutes of schoolwork daily when they’re not in school, will make it easier when they start school.

back to school habits

Happy Back-to-School everyone!

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