Halloween Party Games for Kids

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It may be September, but Halloween is the next big day to get excited about.

Unsure about trick-or-treating? Why not throw your child his very own Halloween party? Halloween parties are a great way to socialize and keep the fun of Halloween without having to participate with door-to-door soliciting.

Halloween parties for kids don’t need to last all night. For children under 11, a party from 8-10 is perfectly suitable. For older tweens and teens, you may want to extend the party until at least midnight.

But let’s get to the fun part, what fun activities to plan for your child’s Halloween party:

Halloween Treat Hunt


Halloween in Mid-City New Orleans. Xy lets the...

Halloween in Mid-City New Orleans. Xy lets the neighbor kids take a reach in her candy pot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easter can’t have a monopoly on all the hidden treats. Let’s borrow from this holiday and hide treats in the yard. Instead of having the kids search for them during the day, give each party-goer a flashlight and let them search for candies at night.


Monster Mash Musical Chairs

Turn on some creepy music, and have a round of musical chairs. But if you’re out, you’ll get chased out of the circle by a monster or worse.


Bobbing for What?!

Skip the bobbing for apples. This time you’ll grab gooey treats like gummy worms within green jello with your mouth while blindfolded. Afraid of germs? Make each child their own individual bowl or pan of goo, or allow them to grab with their hand instead of mouths.


What’s Behind Door #3?

Since the kids won’t trick-or-treat through the neighborhood, let them trick-or-treat throughout the house. A knock on each bedroom door will reveal a frightening surprise.


Zombie Hide-and-Seek

You better hide good; if not, the resident zombie will turn you into a zombie as well. As more and more kids are caught in this unique hide-and-seek game, they will each get turned into zombies until there is only one remaining survivor – the winner!



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