Happy Dollar Store Halloween

halloween decorations cheap
This is my son’s first Halloween party. I wanted to have a simple party with enough spooky decor to make it memorable. The most important thing for me was to throw this fling on a budget. So I headed to Dollar Tree, and I was glad I did. The Dollar Tree had everything I needed for a successful Halloween party.

dollar tree halloween decor

I got creepy, cobwebs to place all over my yard.

A big, hairy spider to scare the living daylights out of the kids (and my husband).

A filthy, red-eyed rat.

A bloody, severed hand.

Some fake grillz,  the really creepy kind.

A despondent, door knocker.

Three eerie-gravestones to heighten the creep-factor.

And don’t forget the beautifully, carved pumpkin, with a glowing Dollar Tree candle inside.

In addition to all of the decor I hauled away for less than ten bucks, I also bought several bags of candy. Instead of just handing out of the candy, I will hide it in every disturbing crack and crevice in the yard. With flashlights in tow, my son and company will have a ball discovering delectable treats hidden throughout the yard on Halloween night.

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