Let’s Get Out: A Fun Day at Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review

It’s been a long winter. Cold impeded just about every hour of every weekend, but with the sun tipping it’s hat and letting those rays finally shine, I thought it time that me and the little guy got out.

We’d never been to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, so I figured it was as good a place as any to go have some fun. Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is located in San Jose (directly across from a Walmart – which is super convenient). But don’t let the name fool you, it’s more a park than a zoo. The park offers a few amusement style rides including a carousel and small roller coaster, but no thrill rides. So it’s really designed for kids 7 and under. The zoo features some goats, ponies and cows, and maybe a couple other barnyard animals which I can’t recall.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review  Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review


Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review  Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review

Overall, my son enjoyed his time at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. In addition to rides, there is a larger than life playground, which I actually think is the most exciting thing there, and a human maze that my son went through like three times.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review  Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review

It was a fun day, but no place we’ll be rushing back to. Just not quite enough to do for the price tag: General Admission (Ages 2 and up): $14.25 and Parking: $10. You could utilize Walmart’s parking lot across the street if you want to skip the parking pass fee. I elected to park in Happy Hollow’s parking lot, and had trouble utilizing the machines to purchase a pass with my debit card, so bring cash for parking.

We chose to eat at the park. I believe it’s fine to bring food in, I certainly saw people with sacks full of snacks and sandwiches. But I’m never that prepared, and we bought some food there. I enjoyed a cheeseburger and fries, while my son enjoyed a corndog and a handful of chicken nuggets. The food was average, not bad but not good either. None of it tasted freshly prepared. And it was all pretty expensive, I think I spent about $25 on those four items and drinks.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo review

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