Hey, I Think I Hate Your Kid!

i hate your kid

Hating children is not my wine-and-dine! I try very hard to “like” all people under the age of 15. Before 15, I think your personality and good sense is still taking shape, and therefore you deserve a break for any indiscretions.

But I think I’ve finally found a kid that I can’t stand. I met her over a relative’s home. I hoped that my son and her could play together, but I quickly realized that she was only interested in ostracizing my son. She forbade him from playing with her and the other girls, saying, “Only for girls!” Now that seems innocent enough, but I could see the confusion and hurt in my son’s face as he wanted to access the toys her and her female compatriots were hoarding.

I wanted to choke the living shit out of her. But I didn’t. I tried to reason with her. “Let’s let everyone play.” “Let’s not be mean.” “If you don’t stop you won’t play at all.” She didn’t bat an eye, she continued on her ‘girl’s only’ tirade. She persisted against authority figures, and held her ornery ground. She was just truly bad as hell.

Am I wrong for despising this child? I wonder if anyone has ever despised my son? He certainly is not always the most well-behaved. He’s stubborn as a goat, and immensely prideful. I know that if someone despised him for a moment of bad behavior I would be hurt.

So I decided to let go of my hate and give this kid another chance. After all she is only 2. Yes, I’m ashamed to say I hated a 2-year-old. My second encounter with her was much better. She was better behaved and less bossy. I thought to myself, “Ahh, she’s cute after all!”

So what do you do when you hate a child?

1)      Remember that he is just a child. He could be going through the Terrible-Twos or some other emotionally-unstable portion of his life.

2)      They will grow out of this. Or at least you hope.

3)      She is just a product of her environment, so you should hate her parent(s) instead.

4)      Try to be influential rather than in-charge. Often kinds with grating personalities and behaviors are leaders-in-disguise, which means they resist being lead. You can often tame their behavior by being a positive, helpful influence rather than the boss.

Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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