Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

The traditional Easter basket is stuffed full of inappropriate amounts of sugar, high-saturated fats, preservatives, Red-dye #9 or whatever number, and a bunch of ingredients many of us can’t pronounce. We can make Easter a healthier holiday by incorporating some healthier treats into our children’s baskets.

Healthier Foods and Snacks for Easter Baskets:

Chocolate Covered Carrots
Easter bunnies eat carrots, so why not cover the tip a some carrots in chocolate. Dip with dark chocolate over light, dark chocolate is a lot healthier.

Fruit or Dried Fruit
Throw in some actual fruit or their dried versions to the basket. You can take the time to shape the fruit into interesting shapes like bunnies or stars which will make the fruit more interesting. You can also place the fruit on non-sharp skewers and make an Edible Arrangements-like display within the basket.

Dried fruit can also be stored for a while, looks great in bags, and can be stuffed into the colorful plastic eggs. In addition, you can dip the dried or non-dried fruit into dark chocolate.

Homemade Peeps- Marshmellow Chicks

healthy homemade marshmellow chicks for easter baskets

Healthy, homemade marshmellow chicks.

This is the main stay of most Easter baskets; what’s a basket without these marshmellow, artifically dyed, and preservative-infested treats. You can make a healtheir version of this classic and substitute honey for corn syrup.

This may seem like an obvious one, but many of us have opted out of using real eggs on Easter. Incorporate the nostalgia of your youth and bring back real eggs. Let your child have fun dyeing them with you, and even greater fun finding them around the backyard. This nutritious snack packs 6 grams of protein and is full of those great Omega-3 fatty acids.

You can skip the store bought dyes and make dyes from saffron (yellow) or cabbage (blue) to color your eggs with. But since your child will not be eating the shells, I wouldn’t worry too much about this part.

Peanut Butter Eggs
Kids genuinely love peanut butter! And peanut butter eggs are a great addition to any basket. These store bought treats are full of sugar, preservatives, and additives. You can make Peanut butter eggs yourself and substitute almond butter which will offer more Vitamin E and Iron.

Great Toys and Stuffing for Easter Baskets:

Plush Toys
Grab some Dollar Tree stuff animals to add to your Easter baskets. Try to find a bunny to go with your chocolate-covered carrots!

I always add a coloring book with crayons, an age-appropriate reading book, and a learning/activity book.

Cars or Dolls
I always add some Micro Machine-like cars to my boy’s Easter basket, and a doll or two to the girls Easter baskets. I also like to add headbands and barretts into the girls’ baskets.

Jump Rope or Hand Ball
It’s nice to through something in the basket that will encourage activity.

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