Healthy Lunch & Snack Ideas for Kindergartners

healthy lunchbox ideas

Kindergartners don’t eat lunch since they are done with school around noon each day, but they do eat a snack. I was completely caught off-guard and had to quickly run out to get my little guy a lunch box and some snack foods for his snack-pack There are a few rules parents will need to follow when preparing their snack/lunch for a kindergartner:

1) Peanut allergies – Many schools forbid any child from bringing peanut products since some children have severe allergies to peanuts. Even if your child is not allergic, your school may forbid those peanut butter and jelly squares. As an alternative, you can trade the peanut butter for almond or cashew butter, which is also healthier.


2) Limited time – Snacks must be eaten in 10 minutes. Although it is tempting to pack your child a full lunch, it’s a waste as she won’t have time to indulge. Instead opt for 1-2 different snacks and juice.

3) Neater the better – Avoid really messy foods. You want your child to come home clean. Some children throw tiny tantrums when they get dirty, so it’s best to give them dry foods that they can’t make a mess out of.

4) Easy open – Your child may not be coordinated enough to slide the plastic off a straw and insert it into a Capri-sun, or open a package of cookies. I bought a huge box of juice boxes from Costco without realizing that not only does my son not like them, he also can’t open them on his own. I’ve traded in the juice boxes for a sippy cup filled with juice.

Keeping all of these snack-pack rules in mind, K’s first kindergarten snack-pack included: dried mangoes, almond and honey butter squares, pretzels, and a boxed juice.

He only consumed the dried mangos, which are his favs, and everything else remained untouched. As many of you know, my son is quite the picky eater, but I thought being stranded with some new foods during snack time might force him to try something new. I kept packing the almond butter and raw honey squares, but to no avail – he wouldn’t touch them. Although he asked for the pretzels, he wouldn’t touch those either. My son’s eating-willfulness was really starting to defeat me. So I went to the source, or Pinterest, for some healthy, quick and easy lunch box ideas.


Bento boxes are all the rage, even for kids. They are colorful and attractive, and a great way to sneak in some new foods for those picky-eaters. A snack pack for a kindergartner should only contain about half of these food items, but still good ideas.

sandwich skewers lunch idea


These sandwich skewers are a great addition to a lunch box or snack pack. But dull the end of the skewer so they can’t be used as a weapon of any sort. Also make sure  your child is used to eating food off of a stick. He may try to take a bit of the whole stick instead of sliding the food off.

lunch box ideas

Cupcake wrappers are great for a diy bento box. They also allow you to attractively arrange different foods within the same container.

Use cookie cutters and knives to create fun shapes with food.

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quick and easy lunch ideas



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