Hilton LAX Review

hilton lax review

I’ve always been a fan of Hilton Hotels, so I was very excited to stay at their LAX location. I was impressed by the decor, but wasn’t pleased with the overall experience.

hilton lax review

The rooms are nicely decorated, very modern and sleek (as you would expect). But I was hit by extra costs that I wasn’t expecting. Internet is $12-$13 per day, and with rooms exceeding $100 per night– internet should not be an extra cost.

The parking is also $30 a night, which I felt was appalling but I guess pretty standard practice.

The first room I was assigned was a bit dark, which might be perfect for guests who enjoy a darkened room, but I really wanted to enjoy that LA sun coming through the window. Notice I said “first room,” I had to be moved to a second room because the first was right next to the elevators, and the elevators coming up and down the shaft kept me awake all night. When I complained, reception immediately moved me, and to a much better room. They also comp’ed my parking, which was great.

Another pain point was the long wait to check-in. Hilton LAX is a pretty crowded hotel, and during afternoons, the line to get checked in can stretch throughout the lobby.


Some positives included the nice pool area. The pool is outside, and heated. In addition, it’s surrounded by four separate hot tubs. So my son and I had a mini-pool to ourselves. Customer service was also very responsive, and too avoid standing in line, I was able to check out over the phone.

If you are flying into LAX and need to stay near the airport, the Hilton LAX offers a convenient shuttle to and from the airport. But if you want to visit the more pleasant parts of the city, the airport area is not the most attractive part.

I probably wouldn’t stay there again as my experience was only average. Out of “10,” I would give the Hilton LAX a “6.”

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