How to Keep Your Hair Curled Without Heat or Rollers

keep hair curled without heat

I love for my hair to have a slight curl. But my hair doesn’t do well with constant heat, so I avoid using flat irons and curling irons at all cost. In fact, I go weeks without allowing heat to touch my hair, and as a result my hair is now a bit thicker than it used to be (which is great as I get older), and it is healthier. I could curl my hair without heat using rollers, but I can’t stand rollers, I especially hate sleeping in them.

When I go to my hairstylists, I allow her to curl my hair with heat. This happens about once every six weeks; I figure my hair can handle that little amount of heat. But of course, all her effort to give me a cute style is usually in vein—by the next morning every curl is gone, unless I pin curl my hair. If you haven’t heard of pin curling, you haven’t paid attention to your grandmother because she probably still does it.

Too keep your hair curled without heat or rollers, all you need are 6-12 bobby pins, a scarf or wrap, and some light hold spray (if you prefer).

First, grab a section of your curls (I usually start with a section in the front of my head). Separate out a section that is no more than 1-2 inches thick at the end. Make sure the section of hair you grab is following the same curl pattern and is about the same length.

Start by curling the ends of the strands around your finger. Continue to curl it up to your scalp until the section is completely coiled around your finger.

how to pin curl hair

Then pin the section still with 1-2 bobby pins.

I will repeat this process about 5 times before completing my head, but you might have more or less hair than me.

Once your curls are pinned (that’s why they call this technique “pin curls), you can spritz it with a light hold spray. I actually don’t use spray on my hair and it curls fine. Then make sure to wrap your pin curls in a head wrap.

In the morning, let each down individually. Then style it loosely with your fingers. That’s it!

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