How to Survive Kids At Work Day

Scenario: I had a lot of reservations about bringing K to work with me. Kids at Work day sounds like a great way to expose your kids to, well… your work and co-workers. But I didn’t know if my under-school-age child could handle it. He acts a fool at home when no one is around, so what would stop him from showing out in front of my co-workers and boss. And how would his tantrums and wild behavior reflect on me. Well, I couldn’t of been more wrong. K was very well-behaved, quiet and didn’t have any minor or major meltdowns. This is how I, we, survived Kids At Work Day.

Set the Ground Rules

Before we left the house, I told my son that he was to behave. “Don’t you get in front of my boss and embarrass me!” I was sure he wouldn’t listen to me, but he did and he was very well behaved the whole day.

Electronics Go A Long Way

Bring in your tablet or laptop from home. My son was able to sit through three meetings thanks to the Movie Box App which is like Netflix on my tablet. While he watched movies, I looked over boring charts.


If you’re a company sponsoring Bring Your Kid to Work Day, take the time to have activities planned. Our company had blow-up slides, bouncy houses, carnival games, and treats. It was totally exciting for kids. But due to my company’s size, there wasn’t enough activities available. Trying to get into the bouncy house was an hour-long wait. We had to depart from the carnival after only enjoying two activities because of the long-waits. Take those kinds of things into account so everyone has a great day.

Conference Room

Reserve one conference room for the entire day just for kids. If the conference room has a TV, all the better. Bring in a DVD and play the latest cartoon hits, or hook up a game console. The kids will get to know each other (which will be great for future playdates), and keep out of your hair so you can get some actual work done. Reserve another conference room for co-workers that want peace and quiet; not everyone is a “kid-person.”

Turn the Kids into Product Testers

Kids are brutally honest, and if you’re product sucks they’ll tell you. Ask the kids to give honest opinions about your product. If you make hamburgers, ask them how it tastes. Testing out a new logo, let them select the one they like best.

We work in growth markets, which requires us to convert consumers half way around the world, who have just become Internet users, to use our digital product. Sometimes we are successful, and sometimes we lose the market. Why are our target consumers using the competition’s products? Based on kid feedback, it’s because our site flow is not intuitive as we, savvy-tech users, assumed. 

Morning Rush

Come in early before most of your co-workers, and their kids, will arrive. The office will be quiet, your child will be less distracted, and all important work will get handled before the rest of the little animals arrive.

Leave Early

Face it, Kids At Work Day is non-productive. It is a way for companies to show support to their workers’ families. Your little one, or you, will be tired in just a few hours. Don’t feel bad about leaving early.

Interested in your child’s future? Why not start their credit off on the right track?


Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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