How to Use AirBNB for Family Vacations

Skip the hotels. AirBnB allows you to reserve a home away from home for your next family vacation. With deals all over the United States and beyond, you can rent a nice home, condo, bed & breakfast, or just a room for the same price as a nice hotel. But why?

There are several benefits to renting out a full home over a hotel:

– There is sometimes no up-charge for additional guests. This allows you to split the price of the space with others and save money.

– You have access to a full kitchen.

– You can find a home with a pool, jacuzzi, or other amenities that you don’t have to share with other guests.

– Most units come with a washer and dryer. A must-have when traveling with little ones.

To find the best deal on AirBnB, you must search like a pro. I recently searched for an appropriate unit in Miami for our upcoming vacation. Take note!

Discover neighborhoods in your destination cities that you might want to stay in. AirBnB offers a lot of great info about neighborhoods in some of the most popular destinations in the world. Doing some research, I discovered the Wynwood is a Miami neighborhood that I might want to stay in.

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Search for Entire Homes, Private Rooms and Shared Rooms on AirBnB. Being that I’m traveling with my family, I’m only interested in renting an entire home. You can also search for places within a certain price range.

how to airbnb how to airbnb


Utilize the Keyword Feature to find listings near locations or attractions like “Miami Zoo.” You can also check some required amenities below the Keyword feature. Air conditioning in Miami is a must, and a girl must have Internet!

how to airbnb

how to airbnb


I Heart My Favorites! Press the convenient ‘heart’ to save AirBnB listings that peak your interest.

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Read Over the Negative and Positive Reviews Carefully! Reviews can reveal a lot about the property and owner. Is the owner, or a designated person, around to fix things? Is the property in a convenient location? Is their construction going on nearby? Reviews can reveal a lot.

how to airbnb

how to airbnb


Read the owner’s bio. You can learn a lot about someone via their own words.

how to airbnb


Contact the owner to ask more specific questions about the property and its location before you commit to the reservation. Like: How long does it take to walk to the beach? Is there a good Cuban restaurant within 5 miles? What fast is your Internet? Is the bed firm or plush? Is the fridge noisy at night? Contacting the owner directly is also a test — you can see how responsive and friendly the owner is.



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