Is This a Thing?!

thigh gap

I’ve seen this a million times over the last couple years, but never realized that this was an actual thing. If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about looking at the picture, I’m referring to this young woman’s thigh gap.

“What the hell is a thigh gap?” you ask. 

A thigh gap is a physical gap between your thighs just underneath your vaginal area. It means that the tops of your thighs don’t actually meet. 

This is fine if your 11, but a grown ass woman. Get the f**k outta here. No woman should be striving for this body type, especially if she has a booty, as the girl depicted does. If you have a naturally, big (or even just round) behind, this big-assness will also find its way into your thighs and those will usually be hefty as well.

Come on, is this really a thing?!

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