I’ve Created a Monster!

am i a good mother

Okay, I’ve created a monster. Not literally, but my son is a bit indulged. On non-school nights he has his own bed time. He’s successfully eliminated almost every healthy food from his diet. He’s taken over my bedroom TV, even though he has one in his room. And he is probably the most willful and prideful person I know.

He must sound like a real monster! But I have a bright, sweet, shy, little-boy on my hands. He’s self-sufficient, doesn’t require much outside of feedings every few hours. He’s never been a task or done typically childish things– such as stick forks in light sockets or drink comet. His self-sufficiency is the reason why I’m pretty lax with him, he gives me very little to fuss with him over.

I still constantly question myself, am I doing a good job. Am I a good mother? Is loving him enough?

I don’t think that I’m a perfect parent. I made some very fundamental mistakes. The first being, ever giving him the taste of McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Every mistake I’ve made comes from the guilt of not being with him. When I’m absent even for an hour, I feel the need to make up for it with gifts– toys and snacks.

My son has developed certain, spoiled expectations. He expects to eat what he wants for dinner and to buy a toy every time we walk into a store. I know this is not good, and I’m actively trying to curb these expectations. I cut back the portions of his favorite foods, and am now making him earn toys with good grades.

Even though I’ve broken all the rules of good parenting, I still think I score big in certain parental categories. My son is very self-contained, an excellent reader, kind to other kids, and very loving. What seem like fundamental character flaws like stubbornness and pride, are actually common traits in successful people– self-reliance and willpower. According to Inc. Magazine, those are two of the top traits of highly successful people.

So although I may have created a monster, I hope to challenge that ferocity into a highly successful adult.


Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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