Kids Gardening & Container Gardening for Beginners

Foreward: I have a natural inclination toward gardening. Last year, I grew watermelons from seedlings, green onion, yellow onion, strawberries, tomatoes, various squash, and seasonings such as mint and rosemary. Only problem – I barely yielded a thing, except lots and lots of mint. But I am determined. This year, I will grow something I can actually eat.

My soil is very dry, grass barely grows there. I can’t even imagine a vegetable plant trying to thrive in such conditions. So I decided to try container gardening. 

container gardening kale and lettuce

I chose a variety of lettuce and kale. I know kale and lettuce need very little room to grow. Lettuce also grows fairly quickly, and I thought my son would get more of a kick out of watching huge-heads of lettuce grow handsomely in the sun versus a root vegetable such as an onion or potato. 

K was somewhat interested in the project. Once he realized that he could dig holes in moist soil, he became my most revered helper. He planted all of the Baby Bibb Lettuce himself! 

starting a garden with kids

I purchased 2 – 26 inch green, veranda planters from Home Depot. They were about $11 a piece. Looking back, it would’ve made more sense to just purchase regular plastic storage containers for around half the price but money burns through my pocket sometimes. In addition to the containers, I purchased two bags of Miracle Gro Potting Soil at $2.50 each. 

Due to selecting a plastic container, I will need to water more often. Plastic can act as a heat sink, and bake the roots. Moisture is going to be very important in order to keep these container plants alive.

For my first batch of leaf veggies, I chose:  

  • Red Russian Kale
  • Baby Bibb Lettuce
  • Green Forest Lettuce
  • Firecracker Lettuce

I’m also hoping that K will take enough of an interest in the developing lettuce heads to actually trying eating them. 

For more gardening inspiration, click here.

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