Kids in the City: Lesser Known NYC Attractions for Kids

things to do in NYC for kids

New York is mean streets. Wall Street. And a place of many eats. But it’s never been known as a quintessential place for children to hang out. If you’re planning to a family trip to the Big Apple, you’re in luck because there are some places that the kids will love. Below are some lesser known attractions that might be of interest for families looking to play in NYC.

Kids will love the gardens of Wave Hill. This public garden is 28 acres long. It overlooks the Palisades and Hudson River. It is one one most beautiful spots in New York City.

Second is Queens County Farm Museum. It is 47 acres long and is the longest continuously farmed site in New York. The site features a greenhouse complex, historic farm buildings, farm vehicles, and livestock. It also has a herb garden, orchard, and planting fields. Visitors can feed the goats with a purchase of goat feed, walk around the farm, and go on a hayride in the seasonal months that the farm offers.

Third is Prospect Park. This park offers visitors a variety of things to do. There are areas where you can barbecue, have a picnic, ride a bike and bird watch. Kids will also enjoy the expansive playgrounds, boating, fishing, horseback riding, and more.

Fourth on our list is Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It is a free museum for every age. It features exhibits and innovative programs where visitors can experience the latest technologies. The exhibit offered allow kids to be hands on. Some of the exhibits include: Sensi-Tile, Log In, High Definition Theater, SWTL Community Diagram, Internet Map, How Devices Work, Signal Stations, Anytime/Anywhere Timeline, Robot Zone, Animation Ramp, Animation Studio, Interactive Floor, WSWL Production Studio, In The Game, Music Mixer, and much more.

So as you can see, these family friendly activities are something that your whole family can experience and enjoy. There really is something to do for all ages in NYC.

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