Killing You Slowly With Chicken Nuggets & Pepperoni Pizza

Scenario: I do take my son’s health seriously. There is nothing more frightful than my son developing health issues due to the food I feed him, but I can’t get him to eat much outside of chicken nuggets, french fries, and pepperoni pizza. I know that this food offers very little nutritional value, but I can’t bring myself to allow him to go hungry until he capitulates.

I have a weight problem myself, although my diet is considerably better than my son’s. Both of my parents were very thin, but my struggling mother feed me the cheapest, lowest quality food. That lacked with inactivity since I was an introverted child has contributed to a weight problem that has lasted to this day. I don’t want the same for my son.  I remember how painful it was to feel ugly and fat as a kid.

Healthy Alternatives that My Picky Eater Loves

Halo Clementines

Halo clementines are a fun, healthy snack.

I can sometimes get my son to eat bananas or tangerines. Instead of tangerines, I call them after the brand name “Halos” which seems to appeal to him. I have to hand him one small slice at a time, and remove all of the excess pith off each piece in order to get this snack in his mouth.

naked green machine

Naked Green Machine

My other option for nutrition is Naked Juices, he seems to really like the “Green Machine” flavor. In fact he loves this juice, and its full of nutrition. To save money I just grab the full-size containers. The lowest price on this beverage is at Costco – $5.

I would love to add more to this list, but unfortunately that’s it. At least for now!

Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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  1. BrownMamas says:

    my kids actually love naked drinks. especially the green machine. parents should always ask their kids to try different types of snack, besides the run of the mill sugar-filled cakes and pastries because you never know what they’ll like until they try it.

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