Kindergarten through 1st Grade School Supply List

kindergarten school supply list

K is doing a great job of putting school supplies in each backpack.

Going ‘back of school’ has changed a lot since my day. When we got ready to head back to school, all of the preparation centered around school clothes, a new backpack, and a few personal school supplies like pen and paper.

Today, parents need to chip in a bit more. We not only need to purchase more supplies for our own child, we must purchase supplies for the entire classroom. With so much to buy, going back to school is getting more and more expensive. Most schools will send out a list of required school supplies in August; some will put the list online.

If you need assistance with school supplies or would like to donate to a needy child, click here.   

Not all K-1st graders will need to purchase their own school supplies. Check your child’s school’s website for a supply list. Even if no school supplies are required, you will need some basic stuff for completing homework and other school-related activities.

If you haven’t gotten your supply list, here is a basic school supply list for Kindergarten through 1st grade:

– Backpack (some schools require clear or mesh backpacks)

– Pencils #2

– Pencil Case

– Erasers (2-4)

– Washable Markers (not permanent)

– Crayons (Crayola 24-pack)

– Rounded Scissors (1)

– Glue Sticks (4-10)

– Ruler (1)

– Construction Paper (Medium, 50-100 sheets)

– Drawing Paper (1 pad)

– Folders with Pockets (2-4)

– Tissue (2-4 boxes)

– Hand Sanitizer (1 bottle)

– Dry Erase Markers (a few for the teacher)

The best place to buy school supplies is really any box store. I went to Target just because it was more convenient, but all of them including Walmart, Office Depot and Office Max, and even the Dollar Tree have great deals on school supplies in late July through August. Some of these retailers will have steep discounts but only on generic items, such as Rose Art crayons instead of Crayola (which most schools advise against).

I do however, have a preferred location for purchasing backpacks. Many of the box stores lure you in with cheap pencils and erasers, and then rape your purse on the backpack. The cheapest places to buy bags, especially for K-4th grade, are discount retailers such as Ross or DD’s Discounts. You can pick up backpacks for as cheap as $6. 


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