Making Me Time

Scenario: “Mommy I’m hungry.” “Let’s play hide and seek.” “I don’t want to watch this.” These are the adorable phrases that haunt my life and rip most “me time” completely away. As much as I love spending time with K, he can be a bit hyper and worrisome. So like any mother, I scour each day for a little me time.

“Me Time” is especially useful to support my naturally introverted personality, and since I’ve had K, I’ve had to work extra time to spot those few empty moments which I can commandeer for myself. It often comes accompanied with my dog Cooper, but he’s usually quiet enough to allow me to ignore his presence.

How can mommies find time for themselves?

Early morning hours
I find 4-6 am to be the most convenient time for myself. No one else is awake, it’s quiet and there are no other expectations. It’s the perfect time to watch something on your DVR, or to take a nice relaxing bath.

Calendar hours
Schedule time for yourself. That’s right. Actually put it into your Outlook calendar. This will also serve as a reminder that you need to take this time.

Work hours
I utilize Breaks as me time. Fiteen minutes of calm reflection is rejuvenating and spirit enhancing.

Lunch hour
Sometimes it’s nice to skip lunch with the co-workers and spend an hour shopping or getting a mani/pedi.

Girls night
You need to schedule one night a month to be in the company of like-minded women with no children around.

You will have to fight for this time, but once your family gets used to you insisting upon it, it will become a given.

Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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