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nighttime activities for kids

Yes, you could just send them to bed. For most parents “bed-time” sounds like a blast! But unlike me, my son is a night owl. He usually puts me to bed. I know that’s partly due to my acceptance of old age. As such, I believe the night has very little to offer me outside of late night talk shows. My son is often left to entertain himself into the night. I wanted to change that since I am a working mom and night is usually the only time I have with him. So at least once at week, I try to find fun nighttime activities that we can do as a family. 

Here are some of our favorite fun nighttime activities:

1. Flashlight tag

My son loves anything that lights up, so playing tag with flashlights is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun.

2. Board Games

Remember when families used to actually play games that didn’t require a screen? They still actually sell old your favorite classic board games like Monopoly and even Candyland. Board games such as Monopoly will last throughout the night, and it’s fun for all ages.

3. Drive-In Movie

This is one of our favorite nighttime activities because we can go in our pajamas, and sneak in all the goodies we want.

4. Glowstick Hunt

As I mentioned my son loves anything that lights up, so I hide glowsticks around the yard and he gets to find them. Everyone he collects equals a quarter earned.

5. Baking

If you prefer to stay inside, why not bake some of your favorite treats? My son loves chocolate chip cookies. Get a recipe and cook it together!

6. Look at the stars

Grab a constellation map and identify the stars in the sky! This will definitely pass along a love for astrology to your kids. If you live in an area with a lot of florescent light and are unable to get a good view of the stars, drive up to the mountains or drive into a smaller town on a star hunting mission.

7. Get a fire going

Fun things can happen over a campfire – ghost stories, roasted marshmellows, and lots of conversation. You don’t have to go far, you can build a small campfire in your own front yard. If you live in an apartment use your fireplace.

8. Museums

Just because you’re going to bed, doesn’t mean your local museum is. Nighttime is a great time to take in some art. Museums are open but often empty, and your family will be able to enjoy until about 9 or 10 at night.

9. Ice Cream Social

Be spontaneous and take your kids out for ice cream at 8 pm. They will never expect it, and will love it!

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