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This may seem like an unconventional topic, but I feel compared to share one of the most important components of my wardrobe– my underwear. Many of us could care less about our panties, who will see them. And I agree, I rarely buy underwear for show. And like many of you, I bought on economy, 5 in a pack sounds great. But I’ve found that these panties are rarely comfortable, they are tight around the thighs, bunch up, and they wear fairly quickly. I’ve discovered some underwear that will make you forget about those 5-packs — Gillian & O’Malley.

Target has an entire display dedicated to this brand. Panties are stacked neatly on top of each other, outside of packaging, so you can get a close-up look and feel of the garments. They are totally comfortable and fit well on a wide-range of body sizes. And here are some other reasons why I love these panties:

  • The thigh area is never restrictive.
  • They never ride or bunch.
  • All of them are made from the most comfortable materials.
  • They are both sexy and comfortable.
  • They are made from great materials. Most are either 92% Modal (a material I’ve never heard of) or 70-94% Nylon. The remaining material is usually Spandex, and the crotch lining is always 100% Cotton.
  • Most of them do quite well in the wash, but they can get a tad nappy. The panties that are 94% Nylon get a bit static-ky after the wash, I would stay away from those. 
  • They cover my entire rear. I will add that if you are especially bootilicious, this brand may not be the best for you.

The price is typically 5 for $20, or $5 a piece. And yes, that is a little high, at least it was for me. But on a whim I decided to give them a try, and haven’t been back to the 5-pack since. 

gillian omalley review - best panties


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