My Christmas List: Christmas Presents for a 5-Year-Old

5 year old gift ideas

This Christmas you have an opinion. You are 5, and you know what you like. So here it is Santa, K says he would like these gifts for Christmas:

1) Transformers

best transformer toy for kids

What kid doesn’t like Transformers, but for a 5-year-old this gift is the creme dela creme of children’s toys. The ultimate Transformer toy this year is the: Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock Figure (pictured above). It’s over-sized and looks like loads of fun. It also comes at an over-sized price $69.99-$79.99. I was able to grab one of these for only $40 from an Amazon deal.

transformers for little kids


You can find Transformers just about anywhere, but if you are looking to save a few bucks – DD’s Discounts sells both name-brand and generic transformers for $6-$12. Target also offers Transformers designed for younger children called “RescueBots” (pictured above) that sell for less.

2) Lego Playset

Lego playsets are pretty expensive. Although many will specify ‘5+’ as the appropriate age range, most adults can’t figure them out. I’ve spent countless hours building Lego sets for my son only to have him “deconstruct” them within days. Rather than spend $60-$100 on a fancy lego set, visit a discount store and grab one for $20.

3) Pirate Ship

He didn’t specify ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ so this request leaves me room to search for the best, or biggest pirate ship, at the lowest price. I found one on, currently on sale.

4) Flashlight

Not sure what his fascination with flashlights is, but a quick visit to the dollar store will give me a cheap stocking stuffer.

5) Race Tracks

My son likes to “deconstruct” these as well, so no point in spending a lot on it. Ross and DD’s Discounts are the best places to grab race tracks for about $12 versus $30-$60.

6) Bike & Scooter

I got my son a bike last year but I think the bike is too small for him now. It has a 12″ wheel-size, and he really needs an 18″ wheel size at 5. I also am attempted to replace the scooter he got last year. I bought him a cheap scooter with plastic wheels; plastic wheels don’t operate well over bumpy terrain and they just make for a cheap toy. If you buy a bike or a scooter, make sure it is the right-size, has rubber wheels, and grab a helmet.

7) Puzzles

Puzzles are great learning toys, and my son is the puzzle master so it is important to keep his room stocked with puzzles. He still likes the big floor puzzles, but he’s past 48 piece puzzles which is what most floor puzzles are composed of. I found some 100-piece, Melissa & Doug floor puzzles, on Amazon for him.

8) Learning Toys

A big crayon set were the top of his list, and these are always great gifts to encourage creativity and dexterity. But there is a world of learning toys that a 5-year-old would never even think to ask for. Great learning toys for a 5-year-old include microscopes to view bugs and blades of grass up close, and solar kits to understand energy.

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