My Son & Macklemore

I’ve never tried to influence my son’s musical taste. I feel quite content with allowing him find his own musical way. And so he has. My son loves Macklemore. I actually am not a fan. I don’t dislike Macklemore, but have not gotten into him. I prefer to hold onto the musical remnants of my past – 90s Rap & R&B, and 80s Pop. I guess this is now considered old folks music. 

I don’t get my son’s attraction to Macklemore’s music, but I respect it. Macklemore is one of the most unconventional rappers in the game. Yes, he curses probably too much for a four-year-old’s ears, but I don’t censor music in my house. Music is an expression of the soul, even if it’s dirty and ladden with curse words- it speaks a truth that shouldn’t be denied. 

Here is video of K singing Macklemore’s “And We Dance.”

If it’s true that music influences our youth, then Macklemore is exactly the kind of influence I want my son to have. Macklemore is not afraid to push the envelope in terms of style and message; he openly encourages marriage equality in “Same Love” and isn’t afraid to speak up on other controversial issues. And I think that fact that my son is attracted to the music of an artist like this, says a lot about my son. I think my son is someone that will be unconventional. He will not only become a person that pushes the envelope, he will ripe it wide open.

In addition to Macklemore, my son loves listening to Sting. Sting’s Valparaiso is the first song my son ever heard outside of the womb. We purposely played it for him on the way home from the hospital. My son is now a fan, although Valparaiso doesn’t seem to be his favorite Sting song. He seems to prefer “Englishman in New York.” 

Other unconventional songs my four-year-old, Black son enjoys:

  • Lady Gaga 
  • Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching
  • Beyonce – If I Were a Boy

I’ve tried to introduce my son to my favorites such as Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Stevie Wonder, but he has not been receptive thus far. In fact, I end up feeling old when he rejects my music so I stopped.


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